The charismatic and witty star of the comic. He’s a bold individual who speaks his mind, stands up for his friends and doesn’t take guff from anyone!
Species: California Sea Lion
Occupation: Murphy’s dream is to become a harbor patrolman for the US Navy, but he hasn’t had much luck getting in.
First appearance: Comic #1







Murphy’s simple minded, good natured, easy going, best friend and sounding board. Wyatt loves doing stuff with his friends, but would rather loaf around eating with his friends more.
Species: Walrus
Occupation: Research subject at a prominent Marine Biology Lab up the coast.
First appearance: Comic #20








Murphy’s cute, active and hard working girlfriend. She’s usually very nice and sweet, but Valerie can become fierce and extreme when the moment calls.
Species: Harp Seal
Occupation: Part-time waitress
First appearance: Comic #198




The brash, grumpy and short tempered stick in the mud. Happy-go-luckly characters like Murphy and Wyatt are the bane of his existence.
Species: Northern Elephant Seal
Occupation: Self employed Seafood Cook.
First appearance: Comic #29








The blunt, and sarcastic smart mouth of the docks. Fiji is always around annoying our pinniped cast ridiculing them or worse, trying to mooch off their food.
Species: California Seagull
Occupation: None/ Wild seagull
       First appearance: Comic #2


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