Murphy (a sea lion)

The charismatic and witty star of the comic. He’s a bold individual who speaks his mind, stands up for his friends and doesn’t take guff from anyone!







Wyatt (a walrus)

Murphy’s simple minded, good natured, easy going, best friend and sounding board. Wyatt loves doing stuff with his friends, but would rather loaf around eating with his friends more.








Valerie (a harp seal)

Murphy’s cute, active and hard working girlfriend. She’s usually very nice and sweet, but Valerie can become fierce and extreme when the moment calls.




Trent (an elephant seal)

The brash, grumpy and short tempered stick in the mud. Happy-go-luckly characters like Murphy and Wyatt are the bane of his existence.








Fiji (a seagull)

The blunt, and sarcastic smart mouth of the docks. Fiji is always around annoying our pinniped cast ridiculing them or worse, trying to mooch off their food.


Coming Soon!





Coming Soon!